Diffraction Artefact 

this image depicts sunlight on plants, neither of which are objects, and in doing so presents a construction of light – the diffraction artefact that runs diagonally – human and artificial in nature, which is an object. The diffraction artefact was not there when the image was captured because it was made by the camera in the instant of capturing the image. It is an effect of the aperatus of image capture. 


the remarks of a director

light is not an object

light is not part of this picture. light is this picture. this post. 

light is not part of any system of ‘objects all the way down’ because it is not an object. nor is it a language-game (although we play many language-games with it: this post, this picture). light does not play-act. 

light is a trace. 
light is the traces and tracing of energy itself. our contact with light leaves a trace: visual perception, memory, sun burn.