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South / North

The 1980s were a terrible time for the working class in the UK and in ‘the north’ especially it was a period of the destruction of the institutions of working class life. The class structures & cultural institutions built around the large scale fordist mechanisms of production that marked much of ‘the north’ [ship building, steel working, textile production, & coal mining seemingly dominating] were eradicated by the policies of Thatcherism along with the fordist industrialism that produced them.
In ‘the south’ such institutions of working class life were not eradicated because they had never existed as the under or non unionisation of the casualised & seasonal work forces had prevented the development of the Labour Party in the region [the Labour Party has always found it difficult to win in even the poorest parts of ‘the south’ for the simple reason that, outside of London, it hardly exists there]. Instead the miserable precariousness of working class life continued under the hegemony of Tory (or Liberal/ National Liberal i.e. Tory) dominated local states as it had done for the previous century and a half.
Thatcherism fought it war in ‘the north’ because there were targets there & in its victory made ‘the north’ just like ‘the south’.